luni, 13 septembrie 2010


        Today she is smiling. It's not autumn anymore....the leaves are still getting golden and still falling down but the sun is shining bright. Today she is flying with the birds...A kite started following her through the clouds. She saw it with the corner of her eye and started to race faster and faster until she got to the brightest sun beam of them all and started to slide through it towards the ground. The kite was swirling above her head caressing her face with his shadow. She hides her face with her palms, peeking shyly between the fingers. The kite was circling around her, lower and lower, closer and closer, finally landing at her feet. She picks it up, raises it above and blows on it. The kite magically bursts into a million sparkles spreading everywhere. Today is not going to be she's laughing.

Alter Bridge - Rise Today
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